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Hello world, here is a list of all the required information on trekking, white-water rafting, bungee jumping, and other adventure sports available in and around Rishikesh. Please note, this blog post contains third-party links which we do not endorse and market. Information has been collated from different sources for your convenience, kindly do your due diligence before making a decision.


These are Popular Trekking Trails:

Duration and Difficulty:

Varies depending on the trail, ranging from short day treks to multi-day expeditions.

Difficulty levels cater to both beginners and experienced trekkers.

Best Time for Trekking:

Generally, the best time is from March to mid-June and September to November.

Weather conditions can vary, so it’s advisable to check specific trekking seasons.

Local Trekking Agencies:

Trekt India 🔗

Red Chilli Adventure 🔗

Ganga Valley Adventure Tour and Travels 🔗

White-water Rafting:

Rafting Stretches: Please note, these stretches are available as per the weather and local conditions. Please check with your tour operator before planning.

Brahmpuri to Rishikesh (9 – 12 Kms. Or 5.5-7.5 Miles Approx)

Shivpuri to Rishikesh (18 Kms. Or 11.2 Miles Approx)       

Marine Drive to Rishikesh (24 Kms. Or 14.9 Miles Approx)

Kaudiyala to Rishikesh (36 Kms. Or 22.36 Miles Approx)

Fascinating Fact: The distance covered in these segments is calculated on land routes, not during the river voyage.

Rafting Difficulty Levels:

Ranges from Grade I to Grade IV, catering to beginners and experienced rafters.

Best Time for Rafting:

Ideal during the post-monsoon season, from September to November.

Some stretches may be open during the summer months.

Local Rafting Operators:

Rafting In Rishikesh 🔗

Red Chilli Adventure 🔗

Ganga Valley Adventure Tour and Travels 🔗

Expert Tip: If you are a professional swimmer and want to do Kayaking in Rishikesh then do check with any of the above tour operators for available courses.

Bungee Jumping:

Bungee Jumping Location:

Mohan Chatti, around 15 kilometers from Rishikesh.

Bungee Jumping Platform:

The jump takes place from a fixed platform built over a rocky cliff, providing a thrilling experience.

Age and Weight Restrictions:

Generally suitable for individuals between 12 to 60 years, with weight restrictions.

Booking Information:

Details on how to book a bungee jumping experience in advance can be found on Jumpin Heights 🔗

Other Adventure Sports: Visit Trill Factory 🔗 in Shivpuri for much more

Flying Fox: Zip-lining adventure offering panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes.

Giant Swing: Experience the rush of a giant swing from a height, adding an element of free fall.

Camping and Adventure Packages: Information on adventure packages that may include camping, trekking, and multiple activities.

Rock Climbing and Rappelling: Opportunities for rock climbing and rappelling for adventure enthusiasts.

General Tips:

Safety Guidelines: Emphasis on adhering to safety guidelines provided by adventure operators.

Equipment and Gear: Recommendations on the essential gear and equipment for each adventure activity.

Best Seasons for Adventure Sports: Highlighting the most suitable seasons for various adventure activities.

Local Regulations:

Please check with your tour operator on any local regulations or permits required for specific activities.

Before embarking on any adventure, it’s crucial to check the latest information, weather conditions, and safety regulations. Always opt for licensed operators to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.


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